HFB Benchmark, Inc. will hold all future brands and acquisitions under one umbrella.  This structure presents the opportunity for growth through multiple revenue producing properties while at the same time reducing risk through asset diversification.

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Happy Flats Barcelona

While student housing has become an established market in areas such as the U.S. and U.K., the European market remains relatively untapped.  The focus of universities and their budgets is on research, facilities, courses and lecturers the universities can offer.  They do not have the inclination or funds to address the shortages or deficiencies in student accommodation.  Therefore, we have identified a window of opportunity for the private sector to assist and capitalise on this situation.


High standard student apartments located throughout beautiful Barcelona city.  Comfortable accommodations, convenient locations, and spectacular social freedom make HappyFlatsBarcelona.com your top choice for student dedicated housing.

- Emerging Target Markets -

Amsterdam · Berlin · Madrid · Milan · Paris


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HFB Barcelona Student Property 2016/17



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3D Premium Student Apartment Rendering | Architectural Design by Mara Morales | Interior Design by Irene Jiménez