HFB Benchmark, Inc. is a privately held multinational parent holding company for all HFBB acquisitions, assets and enterprises.  Our primary focus is deriving income from rental properties within the emerging E.U. student housing property markets.

Experience and Expertise

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Core Team

In today’s global economy, we believe trust-based business partnerships have become exponentially important in order to achieve long term success. With +40 years combined experience in the financial services industry, our team provides the type of world-class stewardship and reliability that allows our business partners and strategic alliances to rest assured they are always in good hands with HFBB.

Mr. Bertil Olsson


Director, Finance


Mr. Olsson has served more than 30 years as an executive level auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers, the largest and most trusted financial service firm in the world.   Having spent over three decades, across diverse industry sectors, he provides the Company with true world class stewardship.  His experience includes several positions as a trusted advisor and board member for a large pension fund.  He is one of the most trustworthy individuals in the world today who has spent his entire employment history looking after other people's money and finances.

Mr. Ismael Peregrina


Director, Operations


Mr. Peregrina has spent over 10 years building important connections in the local area real estate market.  He is an entrepreneur with a strong business acumen who possesses an array of key strategic business alliances in both the residential and commercial property markets.  He brings a wealth of valued experience in the field of social media marketing and a keen insight into new emerging technologies.  Well known to all of his colleagues as a fierce yet fair negotiator who is a very trustworthy individual, holding a very successful investment track record.

Mr. Karl Scholler


Research and Information


Mr. Scholler has developed his career in private equity and venture capital for over 20 years.  He has vast experience in the financial services arena, specialising in private asset protection and legal tax reductive offshore structures through use of special purpose vehicles (SPV's).  He has more than 15 years experience in the venture capital arena performing strategic analysis and policy design for new business ventures.  He has gained a deep understanding of the Student Accommodation Industry spending the past 5 years researching the Barcelona student property market.


Core Values - Due Diligence - Fiduciary Duty - Experience - Reliability



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