HFB Benchmark offers access to the robust European student accommodation sector with diversification of assets across Europe.  The Student Accommodation market in Europe’s major University cities represents one of the best opportunities to achieve above average capital growth regardless of economic conditions.


Growth in value is generated from 4 specific areas:

Creating Value

Rental income from assets

Capital appreciation of the assets

Consistent revenue streams are generated from student rental fees.  A healthy 35%
profit share is distributed to investors through an annual dividend.

The student housing sector has been a top asset class performer with student regristrations continuing to grow on a year on year basis.

Annual increase in rental income

Acquiring Bank Certified apartments (not student "pods") in high growth, European Capital Cities provides maximum potential for asset appreciation.

Development profits

Renovation of deeply discounted and highly undervalued properties adds considerable value to each property.

Why invest in Student Accommodation?


Demand for student accommodation remains on the up as student registrations are continuing to grow while there is a continued shortage of student beds in many core university cities.  This dynamic means rental income can increase steadily while void leves remain very low.